Is It Time Yet?

“Let’s go today” one proposed. “It’s much too cold,” a few others quickly replied. “We’ll know when the time comes.”


“Let’s go today” one proposed.
“It’s much too cold,” a few others quickly replied. “We’ll know when the time comes.”
“The Geese who waited” by Jack Spilman

Yesterday, I decided to take the daunting yet courageous step (Yeah right!) of starting my own blog. I also took a few minutes to introduce myself. One major info I forgot to add is this;

I LOVE MUSIC! (at the moment, I am listening to some Motown love classics, oh yeah!).

I’ve been so into music for as long as I can remember and my musical tastes, hugely influenced (more like barraged) by the adults around me while growing up. Take for instance; from my dad, I received the blasts of Shirley Caesar, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle and the likes to cultivate my love for choirs and some good old-fashioned gospel scream-fest. Amen!

Then there were my uncles Jo and Pat (bless his soul) who constantly, I mean CONSTANTLY played everything Motown and the oldies. Now just so you clearly understand, this was the late 80’s early 90’s so the oldies THEN were the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! It was a very trying time for me indeed!

And then I discovered the miracle called WHITNEY HOUSTON and the world was never the same. So, when I was about 6 or 7, with all the conviction in the world, I proudly let my parents know of my intentions to be a singer. Now rewind. Remember how I mentioned that I was African; specifically, Nigerian? It might be useful to also add that my parents were poor (NOT a sob story but you don’t get any poorer than being born in a slum, a.k.a, ghetto). At that time; back in the early 90’s, in the world I grew up in, you were either an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, a top government official OR the child of one if you were anything, or going to amount to anything (or so I was told, but people lie and it snows in spring. I have seen it!). So, you can understand my dear parents’ skepticism as to whether I was under the influence of some evil concocted juju or witchcraft.

Mum felt I would make a great lawyer (At one time, a parrot had nothing on me), while dad was of the opinion I could make a decent engineer because I usually helped him with some of his repairs. He was an electrician you see. Now, I couldn’t quite understand why I had to wear a wig and a boring cape to do my job and a few people said I couldn’t be an engineer because I was (and still am) a girl. So, what did I choose? YEP! Electrical Electronics Engineering! (“Don’t tell me what I Can’t do.” You tell em’ John Locke!)

Fast-forward, to Uni days and several years, post-Uni. I joined choirs, wrote and discarded songs and stories, served as an unpaid reference archive of ‘old’ songs for friends and anyone who bothered to ask, worked as a service engineer, childcare worker and at one time, a marketing enthusiast. Through all these, I wrote and sang and studied singers and wrote more and sang more and studied more singers. All of this in the hope that one day some music mogul somewhere in California would hear me all the way in Nigeria and whisk me away to la la land of recording and the world would be happy ever after!

It hasn’t happened.

I will be honest, it made me a pathetic miserable and grumpy person for a while until I had one of those epic light bulb moments. If the music world won’t come to me, I will just make my own. Period! So, I joined a local gospel choir in the city, started singing in my local church, volunteered to sing at events and let people know I am available to sing if they needed a singer. Then, six months ago, I quit my job in childcare and decided to commit myself to becoming a professional singer.

“How is that going and was that a wise choice to make?” you ask.

Well, it is sometimes frustrating and I hardly make as much money as I would like (thank you, Bud!). Honestly, I cannot say at this point if that was a wise choice or not. However, it was A choice in a direction I believe in. It’s still unfolding so I will let you know if it works out and if it doesn’t, I’ll just move on to something else (‘ain’t no stopping us now, we’re on the move’).

The moral of all that yapping? It’s okay to wait and wish and hope and pray but at some point, you have to decide, move and start. I have learned that the guest called ‘perfect time’ has never arrived at a party.

So instead of waiting and wishing and hoping, today, START SOMETHING! You never know…

5 comments on “Is It Time Yet?

  1. A parrot’s still got nothing on you! X


  2. Weldone. Everything begins with the first step. Good luck in your endeavors

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gr8 stuff! It’s not easy to make a move in life but once done and in the right direction, there’s no telling how far you can go. I commend this move 👍👍.


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