Who Am I?

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who in this land is fairest of all?”

Excerpt from ‘Little Snow-White’ by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The Sad Little Beingsby Sista Seiz

Once upon a time there was a little planet with lots of little beings called people. Each person was unique. Some were tall and some were petite. Some were slender and some were curvy. Some were muscular and some were delicate. Some had silk straight hair and some had curly wavy hair. The shapes of their faces and the colours of the outer layer (this, they decided to call skin) for each being was different and it made their little planet very colourful. All the little beings were happy to be who they were.

One night, as the little beings laid down to sleep in their little earth, a dark and powerful lord called ‘discontentment’ invaded their little planet because he was jealous of how beautiful and happy the little beings were. He sent out his army of evil minions into the abode of all the little beings to sprinkle the elixir of not-good-enough on their faces. The little beings never knew what hit them!

The following morning, when all the little beings woke up from their slumber, a terrible thing happened. Each being suddenly liked how the next being looked but was, however, unhappy with the way they looked. There was chaos in the planet as every being started running around, complaining, crying and insisting on becoming the next being.

Sadly, the planet chief could not calm their fears and worries as he too had been sprinkled with the elixir of not-good-enough.

And they all lived sadly ever after.

(The End)

I think it is safe to say we have finally arrived at the age of perfection. WELL DONE MANKIND!

So, welcome to the dawn of a new era. The era of lifting, tucking, airbrushing, highlighting, filling, cutting, enhancing, reconstructing, angling, lighting, editing, whitening, tanning, concealing, smoothing, reshaping, paling, bronzing, etc.

A long time ago, I became sick. I suffered from a disease called ‘Who am I’. You see, I was one of those Africans who got bitten by the bug called ‘beauty is only white’. That nasty little bug got a tight grip on me I tell you. I was convinced that I had to be fairer than I was to be beautiful because the ‘atmosphere’ back then glorified that thought. It didn’t matter that I was already light skinned and it didn’t help that my sister and cousins from my mother’s side were lighter than I was (and they’re gorgeous by the way). No, thank you! I will not be black sheep (literally) of the family.

This started my obsession with skin whitening creams. Sadly, around this period, it was brought to my notice that I was not ‘blooming’ well. So what did I do? That’s right! I added to my misery by trying to save what little pocket money my parents could send me in the hopes of getting breast enhancement procedure done (Lawd have mercy!).

Thankfully, hunger always seemed to get the better of me so my ‘savings’ would somehow always manage to go into feeding (food and I go way back, baby!)

I am happy I have been cured now (thanks to my family, good friends, prayers and a lot of self-talk), although whenever I watch Katrina Kaif (stunning Indian actress), she makes me want to spend a whole day at the gym. Girl, that ain’t happening.

Selfies are the new oxygen (I just thought of ‘No air’ by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown and imagined singing it to the lover called selfie). Selfies are great! You can capture moments, friends and places beautifully. You can also alter (pardon me, enhance) all these beautifully.

I think it is great to have the ability to be what you are not. I also think that to think of oneself as beautiful is great, and to be regarded as beautiful by others is wonderful.

However, when you are all alone and you ask yourself Who Am I? What would your response be?

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2 comments on “Who Am I?

  1. lol, aint nothing wrong with have breast enhancement. I tell the husband that I fully support it. Those things were made to bloom, weren’t they 🙂


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