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50 Shades of Friends


Friends (You can bet)
I’ve got friends (My values are with my)
Friends (So glad that I)
I’ve got friends (And not the fair-weather kind)

(Lyrics excerpt from ‘Friends’ by Shalamar)

Here I am sitting on a flight that’s been delayed by bad weather (“Winter is coming” – thank you John Snow) when Bud showed me a comment one of my friends made to my last post.

It made me laugh and I was happy that someone took the time to read a post I stayed up for most of the night to write. More so because he could relate to it and in that instant, I started to think about all the people I call my friends.

I’ve got 50 shades of friends that come with their baggage (to be honest, some of them came with a moving van and make me want to sing ‘somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something bad’). However, each one of them come with their blessings and I try my best each day to not lose sight of that.

Here are some of my 50 or less shade of friends;

Bubbly Yellow – I’ve got this friend who reminds me of sunshine. She’s boisterous, fun, outspoken and always wears a smile. When we talk, there’s no pretence or garnishing, we are both not afraid to say things as they are. However, because of our similar personalities, we’ve had a few ‘beef’ (slang commonly used in Nigeria for those grudges that you can feel which you can’t quite understand but you nurture it anyway because it provides nutrients to your vanity). It was all her fault though but I still love her!

Cool Blue – this friend is a delight to talk to. He’s got no airs, is down to earth and being musical as well, would always give me honest feedback and advice. When we fall out, it’s usually due to something a third party did or didn’t do that either of us expected the other to have ‘handled’ (which is not surprising as we both love Olivia Pope).

Quiet Grey – this friend of mine as you can tell, doesn’t do a lot of talking. Before you say that’s ok, this includes taking a lifetime to respond to texts, voicemails or telepathic prayers. You know that friend you have that makes you want to sing ‘you must not know ‘bout me, you must not know ‘bout me, I could have another you in a minute, matter fact they’ll be here in a minute’, it’s HIM! (You tell him Beyonce!)

However, you can’t have another ‘him’ because when he does get back to you, he is present, supportive and great to be with that it makes up for the time he was ‘quiet’. With this friend, his actions speak louder than his words (not that he’s got a lot of words to say in the first place but heck, I’ll take whatever I can get!)

Feisty Red – this friend reminds you of your place in life. This is because irrespective of how crazy, outrageous or boisterous you think you are, you KNOW they have that combo ten folds more than you do. So, you do the wise thing and humble yourself. There’s no benefit picking a fight with this friend. However, I know she’s fiercely loyal and has my back and I do hers. That is enough!

Classy Green – I just thought of two friends in this category and they remind me of home because being around them makes me feel like I’m home. I may sometimes nitpick something about them (well, they do too, so do not go judging me ok?) but I love them dearly and they are like we say in Nigeria, my ‘Personal Person’.

Rosy Pink – my rosy pink friend is beautiful inside-out and being with her feels like a day at the spa. It is very relaxing being with this friend. She is simple and we enjoy doing simple things. This one I am glad to be friends with.

Something Orange – wherever did this group come from?

White – for me, these friends are like a hedge. We may not spend as much time as I do with some of my other friends but they make life beautiful and they make regular deposits into my emotional bank account. They are good folks and they are in my world so, they matter.

Our flight finally took off and now we are getting ready for our descent. Being up in the clouds, stuck in a metal box, can be a lonely and boring place. So, I’m glad we’re coming down… cos’ that’s where all my friends are

14 comments on “50 Shades of Friends

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  2. Millie this is the best post on here yet and that I have read in a while. You write as well as you sing; and this write up is really creative.

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  3. This is really nice, juat that I’m still trying to figure out my shade.

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  4. Adiaha Akpan, this is a beautiful piece, I wonder which one is my colour. Luv u!!!

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  5. Ihuoma Ajike

    I wonder how many people read this and looking for their ‘colour’ 😃! I did, Tan, Golden Tan, it’s not on the list, but now you know it! Xxx

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  6. Rachael West

    Haha ur so cute Millicent xxx

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  7. Colour me beautiful..:)

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