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What is Your Prejudice?

Today was one of those days.

Anyone who’s been in childcare long enough knows there are good days, not so good days and those days that make you wonder what life as a hedgehog would be.

So, here I was trying to help resolve a conflict between two little boys who both wanted a toy and didn’t want to share. One of them was shooting daggers at me (just like Cyclops) while the other child was bawling like Luciano Pavarotti belting “Nessun Dorma”.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed one of our mischievous ones (some mothers, or in this case, Sistas do have em’) creeping steadily towards another child and I instantly knew some mischief was on the way.

While my brain was re-calibrating to address the new situation in addition to dealing with Cyclops and Pavarotti, I felt a little hand take mine and turn it over in theirs.

When I turned to see who it was I heard;

“I like the colour of your skin”

Before I could say “Thank you, I like the colour of your skin as well”, Pavarotti’s bawling climbed two octaves higher and the little girl sauntered off with her friends.

She is just 3.

That one comment got me thinking: at what age, do we acquire our prejudices?

Black people are…

White people are…

Christians are…

Muslims are…

Asians are…

Gays are…

Insurance people are… (in fairness, you all had it coming! Mmhmm!)

Dogs are… (leave the dogs alone!)

Baskin Robbins ice creams are… (Don’t you dare!)

Prejudice is taught and learnt.

What’s yours?

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