Fast and Furious 8 – Movie Review


I like a good and happy ending drama every now and then (not the tragedy after tragedy type, like life isn’t already hard as it is) but give me some good action-packed flick any day and I will take it.

So last weekend, when the hubby asked if I was up for dinner and Fast and Furious 8, I wouldn’t have said no even if I was battling the cold.

I must admit my expectations were somewhat biased all thanks to rumours of the bad blood between two of the movie’s main leads – I’m talking about those hunks; Vin Diesel and Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. Still, I wasn’t biased enough to boycott a good treat with my hubby.


Our first stop was at my favourite Thai restaurant (Thaikhun) – nothing like a plate of Khao Moo Daeng Moo GrobΒ (let me know when you are done pronouncing that!) to kick start a good evening. Of course, what’s a movie without a large cup of milkshake and popcorn? (I know! The calories seem to be winning but who’s checking?)


Next, I hit the cinema with my Kryptonian glasses to help me scan the two main leads for any signs of bad vibes (all thanks again to the rumour mongers who would not let a sister enjoy a movie in peace – Mmhmm). I was reminded that if there is one thing actors are good at, it is ACTING. So I tossed those glasses away and settled in to enjoy the movie.

The movie started off to a slow start with a race over some cousin (or is it money or a car?) I cannot decide.

After loyally following the franchise since it’s the first venture in 2001, I think I finally get the drift of Fast and Furious. Dominic Toretto played by Vin Diesel needs to be minding his business until some non-the-wiser fool steals his candy and runs away with it. This then leads to an angry worldwide chase doused with the repetitive phrase, “family is everything”. Otherwise, what’s the point of calling it ‘Fast and Furious?'(We hear you brother Dom!)

Dwayne Jonson as the righteous crusading policeman Luke Hobbs was watchable but his character lacked sufficient depth.

A few minutes after Jason Statham comes onscreen, you can tell that his character has been modified from a malicious, dark and mysterious baddie to a Hey-mate-you-stole-my-candy-but-I’m-open-to-coffee average Joe. I felt his character was too watered down to a light-hearted frenemy to have as much intensity and leave a strong impression as he did in the previous instalment – Furious 7. However, Jason Statham is Ian Shaw so you couldn’t ignore him.

As usual, Roman Pearce played by Tyrese Gibson kept the humour going albeit forced in some scenes. His comic timing as expected was on point and he had me in stitches at the movie’s climax. Aside from wearing an angry or confused look, depending on the degree of trouble alpha Dom has caused or is up to, Letty played by Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t do much.

Enter Charlize Theron…

Charlize as Cipher is the star of this movie, and she proved to be very good at doing bad. She was giving me the chills and I wasn’t even in the movie!

Tej played by Ludacris was under-utilised all thanks to some higher up producer/director deciding to split his character into two entities and thought that the second entity should emerge in the beautiful female form of Megan Ramsey played by Natalie Emmanuel. Humph! Not impressed!

Oh! Scott Eastwood, Elsa Pataky and Kurt Russel were present in a couple of scenes.

In typical Fast and Furious style, the chase was great and Dominic and his crew won. That’s about it.

My verdict – 3 Stars!

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4 comments on “Fast and Furious 8 – Movie Review

  1. Favourite line, ‘she proved to be very good at doing bad’.


  2. Why are you doing this to me na…I’ve not seen it yet. Hahahhahaha


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