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Legacy: Here Lies…


“The goal isn’t to live forever, it is to create something that will.”
Chuck Palahniuk

Sometime in January some friends of mine threw me a surprise baby shower and let me tell you, I was surprised!

I was surprised by a baby shower with less than three weeks to my expected due date, I was surprised by the turnout but most of all I was very pleasantly surprised by the nice things they had to say. It warmed my heart.

Last week, I, like millions around the world, learned of the death of Billy Graham. For anyone who is unaware, Billy Graham was a preacher man who spent most of his life doing what he absolutely believed in… Preaching the good news of the gospel.

I have to say, surprisingly, news of his death has put me in a sober reflective mood which is weird considering I never met the man nor followed him on social media. Now, some non-church folks might argue that such news is exclusively relevant to church-going folks and they might be right.

However, the point here isn’t about the church, a preacher or the sinner but rather about the impact one man’s life can bring and you don’t need to belong to a denomination to understand and appreciate that.

I can still remember when as a little girl, my father would talk about Billy Graham, a preacher full of the Holy Spirit and very passionate about God’s work who traveled around the world preaching the good news. As the years passed by, tales of Billy Graham never inspired me to go the seminary/theological route, I was however fascinated by the unanimous reports about the man and it often times made me wonder;

“What would people say and remember me by after I’m gone?”

In a world where very few things are certain (even the constant availability of KFC’s delicious chicken is not promised), it is quite easy to neglect the certainty of the end and the stories that would be sung thereafter.

We all don’t and won’t get a stage like Billy Graham and truth is we all don’t need a stage. However, with life, we all get a chance.

And I like to think that is a good enough place to start something that could very well outlive us.

“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith”

(Book of 2 Timothy chapter 4 verse 7)

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22 comments on “Legacy: Here Lies…

  1. Wow how nice,what can I say ,really doing great,maybe the Almighty God keep blessing you ,


  2. Lawson Ogubie

    Spot on! God bless your brilliant mind for us.


  3. This reminds us that, we’ll be remembered by what we’ve done at the end of time. Thank you Mrs Edet and congratulations once again.


  4. Theresa Edet

    Adiaha Akpan,my daughter. Sometimes, I just wish God opens my eyes daily to see what He wants to do particularly noe that I am on the other side of 60 so that every minute is spent for lost time of the past.May He help us to remain resolute and focused in His purpose so that like Billy Graham, we can surely say we know where we are going though not when.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much mum for reading. About being on the other side of 60 and not sure what to do, I think no matter what age or stage we are at, it is the will and purpose of God for us to do good to those around us. I think you can never go wrong with being kind, saying something encouraging, praying for someone in need, spending time with family and pouring your wealth of knowledge onto the next generation. I don’t think it has to be fancy. Just keep doing what you are doing because that’s what makes you relevant πŸ˜ƒ. X


  5. This is a great challenge. To live beyond ourselves and in God’s purpose. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Mac Ukpong

    Great challenge Billy Graham has left us with, that our ways should be His way. Thanks for using the life of this great man of God to remind us.


    • I feel his life is a reminder to all of us to ‘make it count’. Thank you so much Mac for taking the time to read.


    • Julie Meloche

      How amazing and beautiful. Thanks Millicent my sister and treasured friend. So important like this precious brother, to leave an impact that has blessed others God’s way, not ours! Let us be faithful! And fight the good fight. We are called to be faithful xxxxxx


  7. Chinedu Okonkwo

    Thoughtful and inspiring


  8. Deep and thoughtful, what we do now determines the trademark we would leave when we leave the earth. Although, we are temporarily here, God purposes for us to magnify his name in all we do on earth. Praying we fulfil God’s purposes during our time on earth!


  9. Good point! We’ll not be remembered by our degrees, houses or cars but by the lives we touched while we were here on Earth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading bro. In all the rush, it’s so easy to forget and I have to admit I do forget sometimes. Thank God for His grace that gives us the chance to write, rewrite and chart our stories everyday.


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