Dinner for Jedi – Plantain Fritters with Stir-fried Vegetables

I have to say, if there is one thing my son is already extremely really good at, it is eating and if there is one skill I have acquired since giving birth it is the amazing insatiable desire to eat and eat and eat.

Good Lord!


Now some days I don’t mind because I tell myself “I am eating for two” (I am), “Jedi is worth it” (He is) and “this too shall pass” (I hope). Most days, however, my mind is a battlefield. When I’m not thinking of clotted cream and strawberry jam on freshly baked scone as a certain friend is wont to tempt me with, I think of the divine sight of Korean barbecue or worse, how sunny days and days that should be sunny were made for ice cream (or is it the other way round?) and then all resolve disappears.


Today, thankfully, is one of the ‘some’ days and I was in the mood for some fun so I decided to try something new and make something nice for Jedi because he is worth it.

(Hey Nigerian food lovers! here’s something else to do with your plantains!)

So for the plantain fritters, you will need;  

1. Plantains (duh!)
2. Flour – 1 cup
3. Sugar – 1/2 cup
4. Egg – 1
5. Milk – 1/2 cup
6. Baking soda – 1 tsp
7. Curry – 1 tbsp (levelled)
8. Cooking oil (I used sunflower oil)
9. Lots and lots of personality for that WOW factor!


For the veggies I used;

1. Carrots
2. ‎Bell peppers
3. ‎Onions
4. ‎Tomatoes
5. ‎Green beans
6. ‎Scotch bonnet (optional for the faint at heart)
7. ‎Sliced gizzard (already cooked, you can use your preferred source of protein)
8. Salt – 1tsp
9. Knorr cube – 1
10. Curry – 1tsp
11. ‎cooking oil – 1/2cup

Let’s cook!


Mix the flour, sugar, egg, milk, baking soda and curry to make a creamy-like batter. Set this aside then peel and cut the plantains into two halves then slice each half in the middle making sure not to offend anyone as you do this (folks seem to get offended at everything these days, mmhmm).

Now for the fun part…


Pour a generous amount of oil into a pan and allow to cook for about 30 seconds over medium heat. Next, take a slice of plantain, toss it into the batter and give it some good loving by rolling it around and allowing it to gather as much moss (or batter) as it can. Then, toss into the frying pan, allow to deep fry and enjoying that sizzling sight of deliciousness. Repeat for the other slices while maintaining medium heat because the aim is to fry the plantains, not roast them! (I roasted some of mine so take a lesson from me).


For the stir-fried veggies…


Start off with the onions to get that rich flavour out into the oil, add the carrots and everything else one at a time. Remember to keep the heat low and finish off by adding your salt, curry and Knorr cubes. Cooking time should be between 5-10 minutes to retain that rich crunchy texture.


Et voilà!

If anyone’s wondering whether Jedi enjoyed his dinner…


You betcha!

12 comments on “Dinner for Jedi – Plantain Fritters with Stir-fried Vegetables

  1. Chinedu Okonkwo

    Nice one Milly…


  2. Now who doesn’t want to be in Jedi’s shoes. With plaintain that’s been through such bliss and those veggies gosh. Now I see plaintain on a whole new level, and that’s thanks to you Millicent. My best to the other J who’s definitely had a healthy chunk of Jedi’s dinner..


    • Ah! thank you Zubi for reading and I hope you will try this recipe soon enough 😉. I will pass on your regards.


  3. mistimaan

    Nice recipe


  4. I love this,makes me want to blog more about food!Keep blogging<3I'd love for you to check my blog out as well:)


  5. He loved it alright. Look at that smile. Lol.


  6. Blessing

    Looks yummy! Well done MillyDear 👏 👏


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